Where’s Scott?

I had an idea to shoot with Scotty after a ride we did earlier in the year on CX bikes exploring local trails, turns out it was a shit idea and didn't work out how I had it in my mind. Anyway none of that matters cause after a few minutes exploring the surrounding areas and the light falling as we expected I got some shots I'm really happy with.

BXL OYR SJR-14.jpg


Scotty races for OVER YONDER RACING who use my friends at ATTAQUER for their kit. Scotty is wearing their adventure jersey in these pics

These are my two favourites, a nice big skid and a bunny hop through the trees.



Scott is also a photographer and has been building a sweet blog check it out https://wheresscott.wordpress.com/ He took this flick below while we were fucking around with locations


In addition to training to race his bicycle Scotty also does heaps of bicep curls