PUKA UP 1433

The Puka Up crew rode their bikes the long way from Sydney to Melbourne in 8 days covering 1433km for 2866 people, the amount of people that committed suicide in 2016, an unacceptable number. It wasn't about the bike ride, it was about the message, the lessons learnt and the conversations had on and off the bike.

Dan from VTWO asked me to come along to photograph and help with all the social media for the trip. It was an honour to help them spread the word day by day. It was a very powerful trip personally and professional and I'm better in every way for it. Thank you PUKA UP for everything that you do, you are saving lives. 

Don't be afraid to speak up if you're having mental health issues and if you don't have issues spend sometime educating yourself so you understand the issues and can help your family, friends and colleagues.

 Day 1 - Sydney to Wollongong

 Day 2 - Wollongong to Goulburn

Day 3 - Goulburn to Canberra

Day 4 - Canberra to Wagga Wagga

Day 5 - Wagga Wagga to Albury

Day 6 - Albury to Shepparton

Day 7 - Shepparton to Ballarat

Day 8 - Ballarat to Melbourne (via Geelong/Sorrento)