New Lens

I picked up a new lens recently, I've been using my 50mm and 70-200mm on my old crop body, it works but it can be a bit limiting, I already have a 24-70mm but it's the kit lens that came with my D70 many years ago so it's not the fastest or sharpest. After talking to some friends and reading up a little I ended up getting the Sigma Art Series 24-70mm f2.8. 

I've shot the lens a few times now, an afternoon shoot with Mason, FOJ CX and a Morning shoot with Blake and Hamish for Kitwatch. It was a good mix of conditions, I'm super happy with the lens and so far the only annoying thing (for a Nikon user) is the direction you turn to zoom but that's something I just have to get used to, also the 'OS' (aka VR, IS etc) is excellent, doing some low shutter panning and the shots remain really sharp.

Mason's Basso

I do a lot of shooting with Mason, I took him to one of my favourite spots in the area and we had some fun with on an Autumn arvo.


Took a few shots before and after my race


Hamish and Blake for Kitwatch

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