CX NATS 2018

Another great weekend of CX racing at the National Champs at San Miranda Winery.

Saturday was a wet race for us in Master 2 it was really fun and I felt like a had a good race, after heading back to the spot, washing up I headed back to watch and shoot the U23 mens in the late arvo.

U23 Men

On sunday I was much more relaxed, I decided to skip practice and head to the course in time to warm up and race but as usual I didn't back up from saturday very well, so it wasn't my most enjoyable race with a combination of eating too much and wrong tyre pressure I never felt comfortable on the second day. Once again I booted back to the spot and came back washed up and ready to watch and shoot Elite Women's and Men's before heading back to Melbourne.

Elite Women

Elite Men

Farm Life

Ari was working hard on her studies and couldn't make the racing so she worked at the farm and was kept company by Doug all day, staying with like minded friends meant we had heaps of vegan carbs to smash ourselves with as well as highland cows, alpaca's, birds, firewood and fresh air that only a weekend on the farm can offer.

Bonus Round

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